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Student Email Migration FAQ

Last Updated: Aug 08, 2018 03:56PM MDT

Frequently Asked Questions: 

When does the migration occur? During the week of August 6th, 2018. 

When will I no longer have access to my Gmail account? On August 6th, 2018.

When will I get access to my new Microsoft Office 365 Account? Sometime between August 6th and the 10th. You will be notified that your 365 account is ready for use via an email to the personal email account we have on file. You will also be given your new login credentials in the same way - an email to your personal email address. 

Am I going to lose any of my email? No. All of your email will be migrated over to your new Microsoft Office 365 account.

What about my email folders? Yes, email folders from your Gmail will migrate into the new Office 365.

Will Alumni email accounts be migrated as well? Yes. Alumni email accounts will be migrated from Gmail to Office 365 at the same time as student email accounts. Alumni will receive instructions on how to access their new email account and new credentials to their personal email address that we have on file. 

How does this effect current Naropa Alumni staff and faculty who have a current @naropa.edu email address AND an old student email? Your student email account will be migrated the same as everyone else. Your current staff/faculty @naropa.edu account will NOT change or be affected in any way.

Am I going to lose my Google Drive data? No. All of your Google Drive data will migrate over to your new MS OneDrive (OneDrive is Microsoft's equivalent to Google Drive). You'll have access to the Office Suite of software, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. 

Where is my Google Drive Data? It's inside of OneDrive > Attachments Folder. 

Why change away from @students.naropa.edu and over to @naropa.edu?  Many best-practices in Higher Education recommend using a single domain (@naropa.edu in our case) for all emails, be it for Faculty, Students, or Staff.  

What happens to any email that goes to my @students.naropa.edu account? (my old account) After your account has been moved to Office 365, any email that goes to your old @students.naropa.edu email address will be automatically delivered to your new account in Microsoft Office 365. As noted elsewhere: your new email account will be firstname.lastname@naropa.edu.

Will I still have access to my old email account after the migration? No. After the migration, all of your email and Google Drive data will reside on the Microsoft Office 365 service. 

What about my contacts and calendars? Unfortunately, your contacts and calendars will not migrate from Gmail to Office 365. However, you can move that data manually if desired, before your Gmail Account is disabled. For instructions on how to migrate your Calendar, click here. For Contacts, click here. 

What if I currently use my Naropa student Gmail account for other services (such as Spotify, Facebook, YouTube etc.)? We recommend that you change any third party account that you have synced your Naropa Gmail account, from your Naropa Gmail account to a personal email account. You can do this before, or after the migration. As for YouTube, you will need to download any videos you uploaded if you want to keep them. You may copy Playlists data you made to a new personal YouTube account with this video instruction. History will not transfer.

Will my login information change? Yes. Your MyNaropa login information, your wireless login information, and your email login information will all change. Your MyNaropa username will be "firstname.lastname". Your email will be "firstname.lastname@naropa.edu". Your password for all accounts will be the same.  

What happens if there are two people with the same first and last name? If two users have the same first and last name, the middle initial will be introduced. For example, "firstname.MI.lastname". In the case where a middle initial is also the same, a number will be appended to the end of the username. For example, "firstname.MI.lastname1".  

How do I access my new account from my computer? Go to My.naropa.edu and click on the link at the top that says "student email." You can also access your account by clicking here to open Microsoft Office email.

How do I access my new 365 email account via my smartphone? You can use a web browser on your phone, download the Microsoft Outlook app, or sync your account to another mail app. After the migration, you will have to re-sync your student email account with your new credentials. Just simply delete the old account, and re-add the new one. Be sure when syncing your new account to click "Exchange" as the server. 

How do I access the Naropa Wireless network with my new account? Use your new Office 365 username and password to access the Naropa Wireless network as needed. If you have your login credentials saved on your device, keep in mind that you'll have to update those credentials on any and all devices previously connected to the Naropa Wireless network. 

What if I do not use my legal name? Unfortunately, Naropa needs to identify students individually, and names of record are used for registration and financial aid purposes as well. The IT department is able to change the cosmetic display of names (for example from Jonathan.Smith to Jay Smith), but your login information would still be the legal name we have on file at the university. If you are in the process of a name change, please email the helpdesk@naropa.edu so someone in IT can assist you.

What if I find something missing in my mailbox or google drive? Send us an email at helpdesk@naropa.edu. 

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