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Student Email Migration

Last Updated: Aug 02, 2018 04:39PM MDT
Hello Naropa Students!  If you're reading this, that means you are probably looking for information about your Student Email moving from Google to Office 365. We know the summer is a challenging time to communicate with you all, but the IT department wanted to minimize down time during the semester. We appreciate your patience, and hope you find all the information you need in this document, or our FAQ.
What’s happening and when?
IT will be moving all student email accounts from the Google service to Microsoft’s 365 before the beginning of fall semester. We will begin this work on August 6th, 2018. We will work as efficiently as possible to move accounts, but there will be time that your email is inaccessible, which we predict will be the first week of August (the 6th – 10th). You will receive communications from IT through your personal emails on file with the university.
What will change after the work is complete?
A big result of this upgrade is that your emails AND logins for email and MyNaropa will be different. Your new email address will be firstname.lastname@naropa.edu. This is different in both the naming convention, as well as the domain, meaning the first AND last parts of your email address are now different. (Please note that this will use your legal first and last names. We know this will generate some concerns and frustrations and we hope to address those concerns in this article and/or in the FAQs). 

You will log into your email with your username, firstname.lastname, on a different website than what we currently have. We will send login information to your personal email account when the accounts are created that includes the new URL, your username, and a generated password when we have migrated accounts.  
Another result of the change is how you will login to MyNaropa. Your new username will be the same as the first part of your email address, firstname.lastname, and your password will be the same as your email. This means that each student now has one username and password for you to log into your email, MyNaropa, wireless, the copiers and Naropa computers.

Will I lose my emails? My google drive?
IT will move all your email, as well as all files and documents stored in your Google Drive.  Unfortunately we're unable to migrate your contacts or calendar entries.  So the content in your Google drive will be moved to OneDrive (Microsoft’s version of Drive / Box / DropBox), but your access to that account’s Google drive will end. If you need Google drive, you can sign up with a personal email account for access.
If you would like to migrate your Contacts or Calendars (IT will take care of your email and google drive), please follow the instructions found here. and here. respectively

If you would like a personal backup of your data, we have instructions located here. Please note: You are not required to make a personal backup. The above backup instructions are provided as a courtesy to you, should you desire to do so.

Why is this happening? 
  1. Consolidation of services -- Naropa has long had two email deployments, one for students (gmail), and one for staff/faculty (exchange). By moving all email accounts to a single solution, we can offer the same experience to Students as we do to Faculty and Staff.  Calendar visibility between Students and Faculty/Staff will finally be available (something that's been requested for years), and sharing documents will become easier. This consolidation also reduces operating costs, and allows the IT department in particular to provide better service to our Students as a result. 
  1. Additional resources provided to Students - Microsoft Office 365 provides all Naropa Student accounts access to the web versions of Outlook (email), Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive (Microsoft's version of Google Drive), MS Teams, and much more. This is something we hear as a need from students, and we’re happy to have found a solution that doesn’t cause an increase in operating costs. It's worth noting that a majority of business organizations (organizations that Naropa Students may well find themselves working in one day) make use of MS Office products.
  1. Security and IT Management. – Unfortunately, Google doesn't provide a good way for Naropa to effectively manage email and Drive data within student accounts. Delete a document by mistake? The IT department can't really help you recover it.  Send an email to someone that you shouldn't have? We can't easily see if that message was delivered, nor recall or delete it from other mailboxes. Receive harassing emails?  We can't look at the messages in your mailbox without you violating our own password policy and sharing your Gmail password with us (something we really don't want our students to do!).
    Office 365 provides more tools for the Naropa IT department to better manage and support Student email services, across the board. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this!  We know this was a lot, but we hope we’ve shared information to address any concerns or comments. We will be updating this knowledge base article, so please do provide us feedback so we can improve your student experience. 

Appreciative of your patience in this process,
Naropa IT Department

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