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Smart Classrooms -- Using Your Own Equipment

Last Updated: Nov 02, 2017 10:56AM MDT
Using the Smart Classroom -- Using Your Equipment

Using the Smart Classroom: Using Your Equipment 1. Gather the supplies necessary to deliver your lecture – located in the adjunct faculty office at the Nalanda campus, in the Library at Main Campus (Arapahoe), or the adjunct faculty closet at Paramita.

a. A black remote                                        b. an adapter

a black projector remote with red power button circled     multiple adapters shown, Mac and Windows machinesbox of stuff at nalanda (adapters and HDMI) 

Some classrooms in Sycamore do not need a remote because the projector power button is within reach. If you do not know the passcode to the adjunct faculty office at your campus, please reach out to your program’s administrator.
2. Start with all the equipment turned off. The projector’s power light will be flashing blue. 

close up of projector power panel, power light solid blue

If the power light is NOT flashing blue: STOP, submit a ticket to helpdesk@naropa.edu with the classroom number.

3. Using the black remote, firmly press the red power button once. The flashing blue power light will become solid blue. WAIT for 15-30 seconds for the bulb to warm up and the projector to display “Waiting for Input”. 

4. Below is the configuration of the smart classroom cables at Nalanda and Arapahoe / Paramita

Arapahoe / Paramita

5. Unplug the HDMI cable from the thin black box mounted on the wall and plug it into your device or HDMI adapter. 

 HDMI unplugged, nalanda campus

Arapahoe / Paramita

6. Now the projector should be displayed your screen. 

7. If you need audio for your class, plug the audio (aux) cable into your computer’s headphone jack. 

8. If you would like to use a longer HDMI cable, these are located in the adjunct faculty office or library. Take the HDMI cable and insert one end into your computer or adapter, and the other into the panel on the wall.

9. When you disconnect your device, the projector will have a blue “waiting for input” screen again—this is OK!  

10.Use the black projector remote and press the power button twice. If you only press the remote one time, you will see the below image.

When you press the remote button twice, this turns off the lamp, which takes two minutes to cool. If you need to use the projector immediately again, you will have to wait for the projector to cool down first. 

11. Return all borrowed equipment to the adjunct faculty office or library.

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