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Making Space for Your Email

Last Updated: Nov 07, 2017 11:45AM MST

You've logged in to your Naropa email and discovered the dreaded 'Mailbox Almost Full' or 'Mailbox Full' error in your Outlook.

Don't despair. In the old days you might have needed to jump through a lot of hoops to save your email to a local Archive, just to free up enough space.

But all Naropa staff should now have the Barracuda Message Archiver Tool in their Outlook ribbon. For tips and a walkthrough of how to use the BMA Tool, visit here.

In short, with this tool every email you've ever received or sent has been automatically archived to our Barracuda Archiving cloud solution. You can now freely delete ANY email in your Outlook that is swamping your mail storage space and revisit those deleted emails later using the BMA solution.

How to Locate & Remove Large Emails

But wait... you're not sure which email is the largest or how to remove it. Not a problem.

First, you'll want to change your Reading Pane to make it easier to find large emails.

Click the View tab of your Outlook and then select Reading Pane. Choose the 'Bottom' option.

Now you'll need to filter your Inbox emails by Size.

Once done, you should see your larger items at the top of the Reading Pane (Anything that is 2MB or more is considered large and should be deleted).

Once you've deleted the larger emails, make sure you've emptied the Deleted Items folder.

And make sure to check your Sent Items folder as well for large-sized emails that could be affecting your mail storage (those are archived by the BMA too).

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