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How to Use Barracuda Email Archiver in Outlook 2016

Last Updated: Jun 27, 2018 11:24AM MDT
All @naropa.edu emails are now archived automatically! All you have to do is search for them within your own outlook.

*Only you will have access to your e-mails through the BMA plug in.

Step 1:

Open the outlook application on your Naropa PC by clicking on one of the following icons. (if you are using OWA skip to the second half of the article)

Step 2: 

When you are signed in to you outlook look for the following "Barracuda Networks" Plug in in the Outlook application's quick access ribbon (outlined here in red):

Step 3:

Click on the magnifying glass icon: "Search Archive"

ONLY SOMETIMES, you might be asked to log in. (See picture below)
If so, then type:

Step 4:

The following prompt will open allowing you to search a number of values including "From", "To", "Subject", or even message body:


Step 1:

Confirm that you are using a Naropa machine with authorization on the Naropa network

Step 2:

Log in to your email using Outlook Web Access (https://webmail.naropa.edu/owa

Step 3:

Within Outlook Web Access, click the blue Archived Email icon on the bottom left of your mailbox window
If not there, use link: https://bma.naropa.edu
And proceed through security warning page.
Step 4:

You will be redirected to log into the Barracuda Message Archiver. Log in using your Naropa email credentials (usually first initial + last name)

Step 5:

Once logged in, on the Standard Archive Search tab, you will see a long list of your archived email. Feel free to use the ‘Enter Search Criteria’ function to narrow down your search.

Step 6:

Once you have found the message or messages you’re looking for, you can download or forward them to your computer by right-clicking the highlighted email(s) and selecting ‘Export Messages’ or ‘Forward Selected’. 
Step 7:

If you choose to Forward Selected you will prompted for an email address to send them to.  If you choose to Export Messages, see below.

Step 8:

To Export Messages, select the Export Messages option. You will be prompted to give a file name to either a PST export or a ZIP export of your selected messages (we recommend selecting ZIP  over PST)

Step 9:

Name your Export and click OK. 

Step 10:

Select the Tasks tab at the top, below ‘Archive Search’. 

Step 11:

In the Task tab, wait for it to complete, checkmark the export you want to save and then select the ‘Download’ option. This will download the ZIP file to your desktop or documents folder locally.


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