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VPN Instructions - Macintosh

Last Updated: Aug 29, 2018 03:01PM MDT

Installing the FortiClient SSL VPN client on Macintosh:
Supported Operating systems: Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard or higher.

On the computer or device that needs the VPN client, open a browser and navigate to http://www.forticlient.com/

Select the version compatible with your computer, and click on the Download button:


Double click on the forticlientsslvpn.pkg to run the installer.  Install the application as normal for your system.


When installation is complete, go to the Applications list and find  and double-click on the forticlientsslvpn application:

(You may drag it to your dock if you'd like to have it listed there)



To create a new VPN connection profile, click on the Settings… button

Machine generated alternative text:
address or name :
user name
I Password of the PKCS412 file

In the settings panel, enter the following information:

Server: vpn.naropa.edu : 10443

User: (your naropa domain user name. Ex: if your email address id jdoe@naropa.edu, enter "jdoe")

Password: (leave blank in this window)


All other fields can be left unchanged or blank.  Click on the Done button to complete configuration.

Machine generated alternative text:
Keep connection alive until manually stopped
Start connection automatically
Proxy: Proxy address or name
User: Proxy user name -
Password: Proxy password
: ¡port
: 10443
Do ne


Now in the FortiClient SSL VPN panel, enter your Naropa domain / email password, and click on the Connect button.

Machine generated alternative text:
I Password of the PKCS412 file

A certificate warning will be presented.  Click on the Continue button:

Machine generated alternative text:
Sent bytes:
Receive bytes: O

The VPN link should be established, and your system will connect to the Naropa VPN.  Once connected the FortiClient SSL VPN application will display "Tunnel running" in the Status field.  The Sent bytes and Receive bytes should be increasing while the VPN link is up.   Leave this window open for as long as you need the VPN to be connected (you may minimize the window as desired).  Clicking on the Stop button, or closing the FortiClient SSL VPN window will terminate the VPN connection.

Machine generated alternative text:
Sent bytes:
Receive bytes:
23.812 K



IT disclaimer:
Please keep in mind that once you’re on the VPN your system (whatever computer you’re using to connect) is logically attached to our network.  If that system isn’t secure (with the most recent OS updates installed, etc.), and actively running some kind of AntiVirus software (certainly in the case of Windows systems at least), then you’re placing our entire network at risk.  

If your system is ever found to be compromised in any way, or otherwise deemed a security risk, your VPN privileges will be revoked and your system will be blocked from connecting to the Naropa network.   Please understand the security risk this poses and act responsibly.

Please don’t use the VPN for anything more than you need – only connect to the VPN when necessary.   

Naropa's IT department provides only rudimentary support for the VPN, and cannot provide ­anysupport for network / connectivity issues outside of the Naropa network.   The whole process can be a bit technical the first few times, so please try to test the VPN and RDC ahead of time, before you actually need to use the service, and famil

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