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Phishing scams

Last Updated: Jan 23, 2014 01:06PM MST
Please remember that any email 
* Asking you to fill in any personal information (your name, address or credit card information)
* Asking for your email password
* Or that threatens to block or shutoff access to your email account 
is NOT a legitimate email and should be deleted. 
Naropa’s IT Department (and the Helpdesk staff) will never ask you for information about your account without identifying ourselves by name and phone number. We will never incorporate a password fix with a link, and we will never threaten to shut off access to your account. 
Again, any and all email claiming to be from Naropa's IT Department without the name, position title and phone number of Naropa IT personnel should be disregarded as false. When in doubt, always ask us. 
If you believe you have clicked on an email link that you’re unsure about, we recommend that you change your Naropa password as soon as possible (the Options link on the upper right of Webmail or by clicking Ctrl + Alt + Del at your desk) and contact us immediately (303-245-4609).

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